Avanza Group has built this past month stands at SEAFOOD GLOBAL EXPO (one of the most important fairs in the sector worldwide) celebrated in Brussels (Belgium) at the venue Brussels Expo.

First of all we built stand for DAGUSTIN (Spanish company of distribution of fish and seafood). Construction was made over a 24sqm space with flooring in melamine platform and open to 2 aisles of the pavilion. Closed storage room with closed door and lock. One of the most important things to highlight this stand was the three big backlight images it had so they could catch visitors’ attention showing the product they have.

We also made production and assembly for PETACA CHICO stand (company that has the experience of two generations of fish merchants that makes us leaders in the export and import of fish from Andalusia). The space they booked with the organisation and what we had to build the stand was for 49sqm. Made with flooring done in carpet directly on floor corresponding to their corporative color. To highlight something of the stand would be the big totem built to maximum height and with logo on its top part. Also the big amount of graphics done mostly in backlight vinyl and placed over pvc.